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Environmental Policy

1) We strive to provide an ethical arboriculture and forestry service based on sustainable practices. E.g quality maintenance of veteran trees, and planting appropriate trees in the urban and rural environment.

2) We try to put trees first, and will refuse to remove trees without proper justification, and apply for a tree preservation order if necessary.

3) To combat the mutilation of trees e.g. by non professionals by working with local authority tree officers. For example, we encounter an unprotect quality tree specimen on private property we consider worth protecting, especially when work is to take place, even if this may mean the loss of a business opportunity.

4) We are committed to the careful handling of hazardous substances, and preventing pollution by the following measures.

COSHH assessments

Pesticides handled by licensed staff

Pollution contingency plans completed as appropriate

We try to keep up to date with information supplied by authorities such as the Environment Agency

We run engine powered equipment at a necessary minimum

We run engine powered equipment at a necessary minimum

100% of our pre cutting arrisens are totally recycled.

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