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Tree Care Services overview

Arboricultural Services
Arboricultural is a vast field, the last few years have seen much research and an ending to many of the brutal practices that came to be known as tree surgery.

Consultancy Service
As well as providing tree surgery services across Hertfordshire, we also provide a consultancy service, providing professional advice for many circumstances, such as planning a planting scheme, evaluating the safety of trees, or evaluating subsidence risk.
Help and advice concerning tree preservation orders - it is a common misconception that having a Tree Preservation Order on your trees prevents you from working on them.

Tree Surgery Services

Pruning - managing the size and shape of a tree.

Tree Surgery - any treatment aimed at making trees safe in their environment, for example, by bracing healthy, heavy limbs, or the removal of hazardous limbs.

Robinson Tree Services LTD

Crown Reduction - reducing the overall size of the tree.

Crown Lifting - removing lower branches to increase light and space at the base of a tree.

Pollarding - removal of all the branches to regulate a tree's growth from an early age.

Tree Felling / Removal - be it in a field, or overhanging your property, we can fell or dismantle trees with a minimum impact to the surrounding area.

Planting - have it done professionally, boost the trees chances of survival, and get advice with choosing the right tree, see here all the benefits you can gain.

Stump Removal - modern purpose built "stump grinders" make this task more efficient than the old way of digging out stumps, resulting in cheaper prices.

Hedges and Shrubs - trimmed, tidied, reduced, supplied and planted.

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